Directed by Felipe Joffily


Pedrão (Marcius Melhem) and Jorginho (Leandro Hassum) are the security guards of an important museum who get involved in a big mess after being accused of stealing the most valuable ring in the world.  The jewel is an inheritance from the family of the socialite Gracinha de Medeiros (Christine Fernandes). No one seems to believe that the real authors of the plan are Portuguese mobsters who are now chasing Pedrão and Jorginho after the ring accidentally ends up in latter's stomach.


As the duo tries to escape this chase, they still face Ninjas with relentless blows. In the middle of this adventure, Pedrão and Jorginho must come up with a plan to prove their innocence.




Directed by
Felipe Joffily
Executive production
Roberta Oliveira and Augusto Casé
Associate producer
Pri Jansen
Cinematography by
Marcelo Brasil
Art direction by
Tulé Peake
Cast Production
Daniela Vignoli
Costume design by
Kika Lopes
Direct sound
Paulo Ricardo Nunes
Film editing by
Pablo Ribeiro
Mariana Muniz


Marcius Melhem - Pedrão
Leandro Hassum - Jorginho
Christine Fernandes - Gracinha
Marcio Vito - Director of the Museum
Adriano Garib - Police Chief
André Mattos - Manuel Capone
Augusto Madeira - Gangster 1
Antônio Fragoso - Gangster 2
Alexandre Régis - Gangster 3
Marcello Caridade - Gangster 4
Éber Inácio - Butler Josias
Leo Alberti - Archeologist
Pedro Cabizuca Xavier - Police Officer Arquibaldo
Thiago Varella - Fighter 1
Miguel Nader - Fighter 2
Paulo Carvalho - Bank manager
Gillray Coutinho - Prison doctor
Cândido Damm - Newsreader
Ana Paula Black - Curious woman
Samir Murad - Museum director
Claudio Cinti - Police Officer Iguaba
Marcio Regaleira - Man in love
Luíza Surreaux - Woman in love