Directed by Felipe Joffily


Fernando (Bruno Mazzeo), Honório (Marcos Palmeira) and Fonsinho (Emilio Orciollo Netto) are three childhood friends who, faced with the 'new woman', try to understand the role of men in today's world. Fernando is a talented architect who has just been left by Vitória (Tainá Müller). Still trying to understand the reasons for the separation, he meets Gabi (Laura Neiva), a beautiful teenager. To his surprise, she is far from the cliché of the naïve nymphet. She is intelligent, comfortable in her own skin and very mature. Honorio, a journalist, is the old-fashioned macho man.  Married to the beautiful and independent Leila (Dira Paes), he suspects he has been betrayed. Fonsinho is a writer who wins women over. A confirmed bachelor, he has never married and has never been able to finish a book. He is heavily criticized by call girl Alana (Juliana Schalch), with whom he ends up falling in love.  Gathered in Harmonia Bar, a kind of HQ for the gang, they try to solve their dilemmas. The bar table is an extension of the three friends' home. That is where they meet to relax, to see, to be seen, to talk about their problems, work, life, and, naturally, women.


Directed by
Felipe Joffily
Film script
Marcelo Rubens Paiva and
Lusa Silvestre
Produced by
Augusto Casé
Associate Producers
Bruno Mazzeo, Emilio Orciollo Netto,
Marcos Palmeira, Dira Paes, Seu Jorge,
Pri Jansen, and Patrick Siaretta
Executive production
Bia Caldas and Augusto Casé
Paris Filmes, RioFilme,
Telecine and Teleimage
Photography director
Marcelo Brasil
Art direction by
Tulé Peake
Plínio Profeta
Cast Production
Daniela Vignoli
Costume design by
Renata Russo
Sound Design
Beto Ferraz
Direct sound
Paulo Ricardo Nunes
André Tadeu
Completion production
Mariana Muniz
Film editing by
Marcelo Moraes


Bruno Mazzeo - Fernando
Emilio Orciollo Netto - Fonsinho
Marcos Palmeira - Honório
Dira Paes - Leila
Tainá Müller - JVitória
Juliana Schalch - Alana
Laura Neiva - Gabi
Seu Jorge - Seu Jorge - waiter
Murilo Benício - Wôlney
Katiuscia Canoro - Aninha Tarja Preta
José de Abreu - Marrone
Renata Castro Barbosa - Paula
Juliana Alves - Isabela
Luciana Fregolente - Fernando's lawyer
Fred Lessa - Vitória's lawyer


16th edition of Brazilian Film
Miami Festival
Best picture
QUEM Award 2012
Best director