Directed by Mauro Lima, Walmor Pamplona & Felipe Joffily


The first drama program produced by a Brazilian cable TV network went on air on Multishow in 2005. In six seasons and 53 episodes, Bruno Mazzeo plays with unpleasant situations in everyday life, such as some robberies and love affairs and so on.

The success and resonance with the audience made Cilada also the first national format to be imported by Rede Globo network. In 2009, the network aired 14 episodes as part of Fantástico show.


Film script
Bruno Mazzeo and Rosana Ferrão
Directed by
Mauro Lima, Walmor Pamplona
and Felipe Joffily
Produced by
Augusto Casé


Bruno Mazzeo
Débora Lamm
Renata Castro Barbosa
Thelmo Fernandes
Augusto Madeira
Orã Figueiredo
Luciana Fregolente
Léo Jaime
Karla Karenina