Directed by Johnny Araujo


Two young men, Ney (Romulo Estrela) and Marcos (Cesar Cardadeiro), are much more than best friends. They are like brothers, who share an apartment, work, dreams, a passion for music, and Bebel (Maria Casadevall), a beautiful and fearless girl who awakens in both of them different desires.

When she moves into the apartment next to theirs, the three become inseparable. But time keeps them apart. Instead of being a musician and César's partner in the bar they opened and intended to play together, Ney ends up becoming a romantic pop music star. Meanwhile, Marcos goes from a rebellious boy with a lot of attitude to a conformist civil servant. Bebel, on the other hand, never left their imagination.

Twenty years later, unexpected news brings Ney (Marcelo Serrado) and Marcos (Otávio Muller) closer together, leading them to review their attitudes, emotions, and memories. In this reunion there may also be the chance that Ney and Marcos have to rescue the bonds of friendship and love that time had helped them to break.


Directed by
João Araujo
Produced by
Augusto Casé
Film script
Marcelo Rubens Paiva, Mauro Mendonça Filho and
Lusa Silvestre
Script Collaboration
Otávio Muller, Marcelo Serrado and João Araujo
Executive production
Augusto Casé and Roberta Oliveira
Photography director
Dudu Miranda
Produced by
Augusto Casé, Bruno Mazzeo, Marcelo Rubens Paiva,
Marcelo Serrado, Otavio Muller, and Diogo P. Gonçalves
Associate Producers
Pri Jansen and Mariana Muniz
Art direction by
Tulé Peake
Original Soundtrack
Plínio Profeta
Cast Production
Marcela Altberg
Costume design by
Reka Koves
Maria Inez Moura
Sound Design
Beto Ferraz
André Tadeu
Direct sound
Carlos Alberto Lopes
Film editing by
Pablo Ribeiro
Post-Production Supervision
Mariana Muniz
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Marcelo Serrado
Otávio Muller
Maria Casadevall
César Cardadeiro
Romulo Estrela
Bárbara Paz
Clarice Niskier
Eduardo Mello
Giselle Batista
Juliana Schalch
Leticia Isnard
Soraya Ravenle
Hamilton Vaz Pereira
Luciana Fregolente
Guida Vianna
Edmilson Barros