Directed by Johnny Araujo


An offshoot of the movie under the same name that had more than 2,500,000 viewers in theaters - the story of E aí... comeu? - the series begins some time after the action of the movie. The three protagonists, based on Marcelo Rubens Paiva's characters, are back again performed by the trio Bruno Mazzeo, Marcos Palmeira and Emilio Orciollo Neto.

Fernando (Mazzeo) is on his own again, trying to readapt to single life after a marriage that ended badly. In turn, Honório (Palmeira) is still married, but time can be quite a problem even for a couple loving each other very much. Meanwhile, Afonsinho (Orciollo Netto) maintains his priceless bon vivant routine. And together, going from bar to bar, they share their impressions and experiences. They help and hinder each other like any group of old friends.

In a thirteen-episode season, it shows the adventures and misadventures of ordinary men in today's world. The series encompasses a romantic drive, dreams, ambitions, disenchantments, and disappointments, always shown with a lot of humor and sensitivity.


Directed by
Johnny Araujo
Produced by
Augusto Casé
Executive producer
Mariana Muniz
Associate producer
Pri Jansen
Assistant Director
Gustavo Bonafé
Photography director
Toca Seabra, ABC
Art Director
Joana Mureb
Costume design by
Letícia Barbieri
Sound Tecnician
George Saldanha
Film editing by
Marcelo Moraes
Afinal Filmes
Plínio Profeta
Sound Design and Mixing
Gabriel Pinheiro


Bruno Mazzeo
Marcos Palmeira
Emilio Orciollo Netto

and a great cast.