Directed by Felipe Joffily


Hickson (Marcelo Adnet) lived off the books, running from one place to another to make a living. His only great achievement in life had been to win over his wife Jéssika (Letícia Lima), an evangelical hairdresser and his girlfriend since childhood. The two lead a life without great prospects in the suburbs of Rio de Janeiro until Hickson gets a job at an evangelical radio station. With luck, talent and the help of Jessica, he soon becomes a pastor and has a meteoric rise in the church. But with fame and money comes envy. What now Hickson?


Produced by
Augusto Casé
Directed by
Felipe Joffily
Associate producer / Legal advisor
Pri Jansen
Associate Producer / Completion
Mariana Muniz
Associate producer
Katiuscha Mello
Casting producer
Raoni Seixas
Art director
Rafael Ronconi
Photography director
Marcelo Brasil
Costume designer
Renata Russo
Makeup artist
Luiz Gaia
Film editing by
Marcelo Moraes


Marcelo Adnet
Letícia Lima
Tonico Pereira
Otávio Müller
Thelmo Fernandes
Marcos Veras
Stepan Nercessian
Nando Cunha
Débora Lamm
Gregório Duvivier
Márcio Vito
Fernando Caruso
Roberta Rodrigues
Orã Figueiredo
Érico Brás
Eduardo Sterblitch
Ernani Moraes